BLUEPRINT here we come!

So excited to be heading to BLUEPRINT Show 2 with Artabella Collective. This is our debut show and I am thrilled to be exhibiting with a lovely group of ladies from around the globe! . I will post show updates soon. If you're in NY, stop by and say hello. Show is free to attend. 



Come visit me! 

I will be displaying a happy collection of illustrations and bold designs. See you in NY!

All about portfolios - a new class

Wouldn't it be great to just sit and draw and never have to create a portfolio. The task is tedious although rewarding. Ever wish that all your files will magically sort themselves into neat little folders? Well I may be able to provide some relief. In my newest Skillshare class I teach you how to organize your files, create portfolio template pages and preserve your files. 

I will walk you step by step on my process of creating design sheet templates, online portfolios and how to organize all your files. It is a class that all creatives can benefit from. I also give a great freebie - A spreadsheet that will help you organize all your files. 

See you around class! 



It's panda-monium!

Pandas are everywhere! Just as we are moving slowly out of the sloth movement, in tumble the pandas. These cute fur balls are always in style, but lately they are popping up in very trend. Here's my take on the panda movement. And just like Starbursts - you can't have just one! 

New Class! All about the pattern tool

So excited to have my latest SKILLSHARE class go live! Teaching is one of my passions. Sharing knowledge is a gift, and I love sharing all that I have learned with all of you. In this new class. Create Beautiful patterns Using the Pattern Tool, You will learn how to create amazing, intricate, patterns using Adobe illustrator's new, super fast, tool. Join the hundreds of new students that have already enrolled and lets get started creating pretty things!